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sorry everyone.

2013-01-14 06:46:53 by DarkWalker2090

I am sorry for being away for so long. Life has been busy for me (and i tend to forget my login info XD) but i have booted up my XP hard drive and have taken out my ubuntu Hard drive to upgrade the OS to windows 7. So after i get everything in order i will get back into making music like i use to and making videos for youtube like i was before. Again i am sorry that i have been gone for so long. But i am back now, Just need to finish this upgrade of the OS then i it is downloading everything i use to make music again (oh joy) But i will get it done and everything will be fine.


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2013-01-14 08:55:52

nice to see u back :)

DarkWalker2090 responds:

Thanks. I finally got my account info right. so now i can make music again from my tower or on the go with my laptop. I am glad i still have my fans. I am grateful to have you all.